There are various ways to travel to Linz and then get to, explore and stay on the FMR 23 festival grounds. The southern harbour area can be reached relatively quickly by public transportation, bicycle, e-scooter or even on foot from the city center. Once at the festival site, the daring can explore on their own. Alternatively, you can take one of the two recommended routes or participate in one of the numerous walking tours.

Useful information about Linz and the festival area

Linz is geographically located in the heart of Europe – and there is always a reason to go there!

The city is quickly accessible by water, land and air, thanks to well-developed highways and Linz Airport. A fast and safe journey ensures a relaxed arrival in Linz.

There are various hotels within walking distance of the festival site as well as in the city center. Accommodation options in Linz can be found → here.

We recommend an overnight stay in one of the following hotels:


Gastronomy offers in Linz can be found → here.

For a stop at the festival area we recommend → daslandhof.at and → linzer-stadtalm.at

The Linz Tourismus website gives information on the Linz-Card, which offers free admission to Linz museums and free use of public transport. For personal advice, questions or information, the Tourist Information Linz is ready to help.

Arrival by public transport

Protect the environment and climate and travel by train, tramway or bus!

Timetables of ÖBB, Westbahn, LILO and Linz Linien can be found here:

Travel Guide Lilo.pdf

Several buses of the Linz Linien go to one of the following stops at the festival area: Pummererstraße, Industriezeile, Fernheizkraftwerk, Nebingerstraße, Hollabererstraße, Ehrentletzbergerstraße, Johann-Metz-Straße and Ignaz-Mayer-Straße.

Typical connections:

→ Boarding at the Hauptbahnhof bus stop for bus lines 17, 19 or 27 (all direction Fernheizkraftwerk) or at selected times for express bus lines 71 (direction Industriezeile), 72 (direction Schiffswerft) or 73 (direction Fernheizkraftwerk)

→ At the Goethekreuzung bus stop, take bus line 17 or 19 (both in the direction of Fernheizkraftwerk)

→ At the Taubenmarkt bus stop, take bus line 27 (direction Fernheizkraftwerk)

Taxi: +43 732 6969 or +43 732 1718 or → LINZ AG Anruf-Sammel-Taxi (AST)

Arrival by bike, e-scooter or on foot

Let your car at home and find your individual way to the festival grounds!

The festival center can be reached by bike or e-scooter in about 10 to 15 minutes from the city center. By foot, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Typical connections by bike or e-scooter:

Main train station – Festival Center

Mozartkreuzung – Festival Center

Hauptplatz – Festival Center

We recommend taking advantage of one of the following two special offers from our sponsors:

→ The first half hour with city bike Linz is always for free. At FMR 23 this time can be extended to one and a half hours. To do so, simply stop by the festival center before leaving the festival grounds and pick up 4 euros in reimbursement (proof of use via app required). Information on use and stations: citybikelinz.at

→ At FMR 23, TIER's e-scooters can also be used in the – normally excluded – southern harbor area, with free extra minutes at the start. In addition, special packages with 10 or 35 free minutes and unlimited unlocks can be purchased by sending an email to office@linzfmr.at or directly on site at the Festival Centre. Further information on use: tier.app

Arrival by car or plane

Before you travel in an environmentally damaging way, calculate your CO2 emissions!

You can do this here → climateaustria.at/en/offset-co2/offset-co2-now – don’t forget to make a CO2 compensation by donating to Austrian environmental protection projects.

Typical connections by car:

→ direction Salzburg and Vienna on the Westautobahn A1, exit Linz/Zentrum

→ direction Prague, Freistadt on the Mühlkreisautobahn A7, exit Linz/Hafenstraße

→ direction Regensburg, Passau on the Innkreisautobahn A8 to A1, exit Linz/Zentrum

Sufficient free parking spaces are available at the festival area.

Linz Airport is located outside the city of Linz in Hörsching. Information about arrivals and departures as well as transfer can be found here → linz-airport.com

Selected Tours

Dive deeper into FMR 23 and take a tour with our art educators, curators and artists!

In addition to the discourse program, the art education program at FMR 23 also offers a deeper insight into the context of the festival and the exhibited works. Several tours take place daily, accompanied by art educators, curators and artists:

→ Tours with art educators offer an easy introduction to FMR 23 and will take place daily from Wednesday, 7 to Sunday, 11 June at 2 pm and 5 pm. Pre-registration is requested via → vermittlung@linzfmr.at!

→ Tours with curators and artists provide an in-depth insight into FMR 23 and take place from Wednesday, 7 June to Sunday, 11 June daily at 3.30 pm. Pre-registration is requested via → vermittlung@linzfmr.at!

→ Groups of 7 or more can also book tours with the art educators at times of their choice from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 June between 10 am and 8 pm, subject to availability. Pre-registration is required via → vermittlung@linzfmr.at!

Duration of the tours: approx. 90 minutes
Meeting point: Clubhouse of Kleingartenverein Linz-Ost, Prinz-Eugen-Straße 40
Meeting time: 15 minutes before start of tour
Price: Pay as you wish
Languages: German, English

Recommended Routes

Keep an overview and orientate yourself along one of the routes we have put together!

An individual exploration of the festival grounds and works requires some planning. To visit all the works, you should plan at least half a day.

For those in a hurry, we have put together two routes, each with a walking distance of about 1.5 kilometers and a net walking time of 15 minutes:

→ Bike & Climate (green route): This route leads from the clubhouse of Kleingartenverein Linz-Ost (festival center) via the hello yellow Velodrom & Pumptrack to Klimaoase Linz-Lustenau.

→ Ski & Vacancy (gray route): This route leads from the clubhouse of Kleingartenverein Linz-Ost (festival center) via the Linzer Stadtalm to the vacancy of former Quelle/Woolworth/NORMA store.

More information about the two routes is available at the festival center (clubhouse of Kleingartenverein Linz-Ost).

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